October 22, 2012

Post #3148 – 20121022

Dear Daniel Pinkwater,

I wrote you a letter a while back and I enjoy that you responded. I have a school assignment that I hope you’ll help me with. I need to interview you about something you like and why you like it. Could you please answer those two questions? I’m in second grade and everybody has the assignment. I already interviewed my Grandma. She was very interested in the work. She said she likes going to concerts, because she likes seeing live music, especially at Roger Williams Park. I live in Boston, Massachusetts. I told her about your books. She read one and she loved it. She read Hoboken Days, Chicago Nights. I love Once Upon A Blue Moose. I read it by myself without a grownup. It was awesome! I think it is the best book I ever read and that is the truth. I love your writing because it is funny and cool and awesome and great. The first book I ever read by you is The Big Orange Splot. My favorite character in it is Mr. Plumbean. I think it is a very funny story. I think Mr. Plumbean was very smart. By the way, is frangipani a real thing? Please also answer that question if you don’t mind.



I really like the book Borgel and the book Lizard Music.

Daniel replies:

You are a good reader--the kind of reader I like.

Something I like:  I like vegetable soup, (with a LOT of vegetables.)

Why I like it:  Like a lot of people, I thought I did not care about vegetables.  Then we started making home-made vegetable soup with about 20 vegetables in it.  I like it 1. Because it tastes good, 2. Because it makes me feel so good, 3. Because you can eat it all day long, (my friend Calef Brown wrote a book called Soup for Breakfast,) 4. Because it tastes good.

Frangipani is a real thing.