Robert Falkenburgh

September 10, 2012

Post #3111 – 20120910

I just wanted you to know that I am disappointed in your venturing into the political realm with you endorsemnet of President Obama in the upcoming election. I’m not sure that we should turn to the author of “The Pineapple and The Hare” for political advice, just as I would not ask Mr. Obama for tips on how to run a business. I believe that you should stick to what you do best… Please continue to create wonderful childrens books, I will keep doing whatever it is I do, and Obama can go back to doing, er, eh, what is that he does best? He has had his chance and he’s failed, so it’s time to move on. I’m not sure that Mitt Romney is the answer but we here in the real world (The Middle Class) seem to be going backwards. The economy has remained stagnant under Obama’s watch and will remain stuck in the mud if he continues. The change that he had promised has only been for the worse. I respect the fact that you are entitled to your opinion, however, I’m not so sure that you should use this forum to express it. Thank you for allowing me to express mine and I will remain a fan of yours.

Daniel replies:

And yet you offer to turn this forum into one for political debate.  I said what I said, having given my reasons, and you have said what you said.  Henceforth, opinions on the election, red and blue, won't be posted, and we will follow your advice and tend to our knitting.

I did not write, """"The Pineapple and the Hare,"""" as you very well know.  Don't shame yourself by copying oratorical tricks of which we've heard enough from both sides.