Tom Barker

August 5, 2012

Post #3071 – 20120805

“Yobgorgle, mystery monster of Lake Ontario” was my introduction to your fantastic books. My son, Greg, read this to me as I built a cottage on an island in the Thousand Islands in 1985. He was 12 than and it was one of the most memorable times in our life. I live in Webster (a suburb of Rochester) and often wondered if you ever lived in Rochester. Your descriptions of the city are so realistic and crazy!

Now my grandsons (8 & 10) are into your books. I am the adult who conducted the Movie Camp in Amherst, Mass. where the adaptation of “The Neddiad’ was produced. Thanks!

Daniel replies:

I have spent all of two days in Rochester. I liked it quite a bit. The occasion was the first time I went on a trip as an author. I had this old agent at the time, and she said, """"The county librarians have invited you to come to Rochester and give a talk. It's important. You should go."""" So I went, and was met at the train by a nice librarian who asked me, """"Why did you come? It's quite unimportant. Nobody else was willing to come."""" I had a fair amount of time to myself, in between giving my talk, and being treated to chop suey by the librarians, so I wandered around the city, observing and enjoying.

The movie was great. Next time you should do Yobgorgle.