Michael Levine

June 27, 2012

Post #3035 – 20120627

You may enjoy this piece about a little girl who has been called "The Next Jackson Pollack".
I thoroughly enjoyed, and have been continuously been inspired by your piece "Whose Little Jackson Pollack Are You?" that I read many years ago.
When I was about 7 years old and in art class, I was asked to paint something, and being raised by parents who admired Pollack, Kandinsky, Miro, Dali, and Picasso; I began to throw and dribble paint on a big piece of paper. I was stopped by the teacher and told that that was not acceptable. When I told my parents , they came to school and gave the "art" teacher" a piece of their minds.


Daniel replies:

 I dislike when adults get all adult-like excited about kids doing art instead of treating it like the perfectly natural thing it is.  I used to make a special paint-throwing corner for the kids in art classes I ""taught.""  My finest moment came when a kid asked me, ""Pinkwater, are you a real art teacher?""  ""What is your opinion?"" I asked the kid.  ""I think you are just someone who likes paintings kids make.""