Cordelia Sipper

June 27, 2012

Post #3033 – 20120627

Hello Mr. Pinkwater,
I am so happy to have found a way to contact you.
When I was little, my father (who is a rare book dealer and very fond of good literature) would read me Blue Moose all the time. It has been my great fortune to somehow hang on to that book for many years, and now read it to my own children (4 and 6.) Every time I read Blue Moose I am overcome with such wonderful feelings. Memories, yes- from my father reading it to me. But also appreciation for the sweetness, the funniness, and the reminder that magic does happen.
I love you for writing that book. Thank you. It is well worn, and I shall always have it.

Daniel replies:

You know, I think my zen is pretty good.  I must have managed to keep my ego from overtaking my artist-ness, because receiving a statement like this still confuses and bewilders me.  In a pleasant way, of course.  Thank you.