Max Beasley

June 13, 2012

Post #3012 – 20120613

I am nearly finished with Lizard Music, the first book written by you that I have read, and it has struck me how fantastic the book is. On par with my favorite, Catcher In the Rye. I have heard that there is a film version in production and I was wondering if that is true and if so how the progress on it is going. Also, as we get to the real question, I am 16 years old and an aspiring director and current film fanatic (both watching and making). I am wondering, what are your top 5 favorite films and why? Thank you so much for what you do and I look forward to enjoying more of your work soon.

Max Beasley
Denver, Colorado

Daniel replies:

Coincidentally, Lizard Music is the first book written by me that I have written.  Assuming I learned and made progress, you may find that some subsequent book of mine surpasses Catcher in Rye.  I do not consider myself a first-class writer, but in my opinion all of them do.  Later, when you are a director, you will find out how much rumors of film production are worth.