Yehoshua Parker

May 17, 2012

Post #2938 – 20120517

Mr. Pinkwater,

I run an academic and creative quarterly, based out of Brooklyn, that targets the institutional service gaps of the Jewish outreach industry through trenchant wit and bohemian style. I feel that “The Big Orange Splot” holds prophetic advice for an article we will be featuring for this coming fall. My hope in emailing is to start a dialogue and to hear insights on how it might be possible to incorporate some of the themes you presented. Your book came highly recommended by my friend in Chicago, Dr. Julian Ungar, whose daughter might have worked for you in the past.

I can be reached at [redacted] or I can call you at a time of your best convenience.


Daniel replies:

Signs of away:  academic, creative, outreach, trenchant, dialogue, insights.

Favorable signs:  Brooklyn.

I went to grade school in Chicago with an Ungar...I think his name may have been Jay.