April 26, 2012

Post #2894 – 20120426

I will not comment about the New York State Pineapple Clothes test. I do want to thank you again for weblishing your new novel, _Bushman Lives_. I am enjoying the weekly chapters immensely! I also want to comment on the web site. The font and colors work to make the text easy to read, the images are always in place (and brilliantly illustrate the story), and the comment section always works. While these may sound like basic standards for a professional web site, you might be surprised at how many commercially run web sites do not live up to them. Congratulations and thanks to you and Webmaster Ed for a job stupendously well done!

(And you could probably cash in on the whole test fiasco by launching a line of produce clothing, starting with Pinkwater’s Patented Pineaple Sleeves).

Daniel replies:

Well this website is not professional or commercial. It has been Webmaster Ed's work of art all this time.