April 25, 2012

Post #2822 – 20120425

Mr. Pinkwater, I am a parent of two teenagers and a public school teacher. We love(d) reading your books and listening to you on the radio. I teach high school history which makes your hilarious and absurd stories and books even more entertaining and useful! However, rather than just dodging this issue about the misuse of your story, why don’t you actually speak out about the misuse of our students, their brains and this ridiculous emphasis on testing? That would show real acountability and contrition. And remember think, in world of robo-taught students, there will be no audience (or time alotted) for laughter and joy in the classroom. Is this the future you want for our children?

Daniel replies:

I was interviewed by the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Daily News. I answered all their questions, and clearly expressed my views about standardized tests. You can easily find those interviews by Googling. I also posted an account of my experience with the test-making company here on the main page, and another as a post in the forum you addressed with your post. What do you think I am dodging? Also, how does high school history make my books even more entertaining and useful? Thanks for your kind words, and comments.