Ron Lake

April 21, 2012

Post #2811 – 20120421

As a regular reader of the Wall Street Journal, I must thank you for allowing them to interview you recently about the Hare/Pineapple Test Question. It is the first time I have ever laughed out loud reading the WSJ. In fact, I laughed out loud – heartily, and at length, too – not once but twice. So thank you, and thank you again.

Daniel replies:

You laughed? You laughed at a story about public monies wasted on poorly-made tests which are being used as a means of determining the futures of students, teachers, even whole schools, not to mention the desecration of a work of literature, and the corruption with money of a previously virtuous author? This is funny to you? Clearly, you are one of those cold-hearted capitalists who read the WSJ. It's a good thing you are unlikely to read the New York Daily News, or you would see the op-ed I wrote for them and bust a gut.