Lisa Billings

April 12, 2012

Post #2806 – 20120412

I just read Author’s Day to my 2nd grade class. It left us wondering if the book was a personal narrative of an experience that you have had on a visit of your own to a school? We are working on personal narratives right now for writing as well as questioning, compare and contrast as comprehension strategies. We had an author visit yesterday so we compared and contrasted the book to our personal experience

Daniel replies:

This is a very good question. My answer will tell you something about what fiction is, as distinct from non-fiction. It is a combination of a number of experiences, some experiences of my own, and some experiences others may have told me about. Added to that were made-up parts. And what-ifs. I will explain what a what-if is: Just before starting to write Author's Day I myself had made a visit to a school. It was a nice visit, and fairly ordinary, but while I was driving home I thought ""what if certain things had been different? What if they were expecting some other author instead of me? What if they had a chicken, like the kids really did at that other school I, instead of a chicken what if it was a rabbit?"" See? Fiction is made up of real experiences, sometimes changed or pasted together, made-up things, and what-ifs.