April 1, 2012

Post #2804 – 20120401

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,
I am writing to ask your permission on breaking the law. Yes, copyright infringement. I am the proud owner of a copy of Wuggie Norple. As a child it was my favorite, it is the favorite of my 15 year old son and I would like it to be part of the childhood of my soon to be niece who is yet to be named. I have scoured the internet/bookstores/booksellers and have not found a copy for less than $50. While I wish I could afford to purchase it at this price I am afraid I am not of the means to do so. What I am asking is to buy a copy from you at the original price so that I may copy it and send it to said niece. I am a woman of honor and will respect your wishes, so if you must say no then I comply…Thank you for being a part of so many fond memories. Warmest regards, Amy

Daniel replies:

No one should copy anyone's work with the intent to sell it to another. What one does with one's own property seems to me another matter. For example, if one owns a book, and wishes to make a copy for one's own use, or for the use of another member of the family, and not for profit, should they not be free to do so? Should anyone ask me, of course I would not encourage another to break the law--as to giving permission to break the law, that is not within my gift. There are things one must decide to do or not do entirely on one's own. I hope your niece enjoys the book.