Jenna Markham

March 27, 2012

Post #2802 – 20120327

Well, my grandmother and I have gotten into an argument concerning the pronunciation of “Wolluf” that arose when I was reading her “Adventures of a Cat-Whiskered Girl” and she was making cabbage rolls. She says it is simply a stylistic way of spelling “wolf”, but I say it is pronounced “wool-uf”. Which is it? We made a wager, and if I’m wrong, I inherit her dog. I am highly intimidated by that animal.

P.S. What is your opinion of pineapple in kugel? I do not think it belongs.

Daniel replies:

A wolf is a wolf, and a wolluf is a wolluf. There could be regional dialects in which ""wolf"" is pronounced ""wolluf""--it wouldn't surprise me. You could conceivably address a wolf as ""wolluf,"" but I'd think only if you were on fairly intimate terms with it. I have known a couple of wolves, but not well enough to take the liberty.

I have never heard of pineapple in kugel. It makes more sense to me than pineapple on pizza.

Cabbage rolls interest me more.