February 4, 2012

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Dear Mr. Pinkwater,
I haven’t realised until now I have probably read and enjoyed many of your books. What it is even greater is that seraching around your website I found a message from a lovely teacher I used to have,Jane Scuggs, in the message she offered you visitng her class. I would like to know if you did and if you could help me contact her al thought time may have earased me from her memorie.
Its amazing how I go back to my childhood and this books are a big part of it!Thank you for it.

Daniel replies:

Maybe Webmaster Ed can locate the address among the archives. No, I did not visit. I am extremely lazy, and seldom do any school visits outside my immediate area. I figure it is better to hang around at home and write. I am proud that my books are part of your childhood.

Sorry, no record of Ms. Scruggs' email address! --Ed