January 22, 2012

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Hello Mr. Pinkwater!

I listened to many of your books on tape throughout my childhood car trips to Canada with my family and Rogers Umbrella is one my favorite books. My sister subsequently listened to the tapes until they were worn out and lost a few for good measure, which made us all pretty annoyed with her. Fast forward to this year, for my birthday my partner bought be audiobook versions of Chicago Days Hoboken Nights, the two Snark Out Boys stories, Borgel, and was able to find old library copies of Looking for Bobowicz and the Hoboken Chicken Emergency on cd. I love listening to your books especially because you read them and you have such a wonderfully expressive and juicy voice!
So, the issue is your books are out of print and I cannot find any other books on cd or audiobooks. First, why are so many of your timeless books out of print? Why can I not find anything on cd (other than what I have already mentioned)? I am confused as to why none of your books are available or extremely hard to find. I am sure lots of people would buy them. I would buy two copies if it would make you happy. Is rereleasing your older books something that might happen? And for heavens sake why hasn’t it happened yet!
Ps- I bought the Neddiad on itunes and listened to the whole thing in two days.

Excuse the rant


Daniel replies:

Actually, a fair number of my books are in print, and there are copies of out-of-print ones, new and used, floating around. Only you have to look for them--I sort of like this. You are lucky your partner was able to find all those titles. I am lucky to have books in print, and books coming out from publishers I respect, and I am lucky to have readers like you.

Don't forget that there's a bunch of audio books available right here on -- check out the Audio Archive! -- Ed