Emma Blackman-Mathis

January 9, 2012

Post #2780 – 20120109

Ill just cut to the chase without a whole big lead up. Basically, i am getting a tattoo of the big orange splot with the quote “my house is me and i am it my house is where i like to be and it looks like all my dreams.” i was wondering if i could also get your [Mr. Pinkwater’s] autograph. in real life. on paper. or even on a copy of the book.

want more of the story? feel free to email me

thank you so much for your time DP or designated salami selling agent.

-from a long time inspired little girl who grew up not quite fitting in

Daniel replies:

I am flattered of course. But I have to tell you I am always uneasy when someone has a tattoo done....no, you are not the first, or second even, to have a Big Orange Splot tattoo. I mean, of course it is a cool book, and I love it, and lots of other people do too, but I always worry, ""what if she gets tired of it later?"" You can have a copy of the book, and keep it your whole life, and look at it when you're in the mood, and when you're not...not. But once it's on _you_. Well, you'd need to be in the mood all the time. And, I suppose it's because I have written a hundred other books, and some may be even better than Splot--I guess if you came across ones you like as well or more, there would be room on your hide, but how far are you prepared to go? This does not mean that I don't want you to do the tattoo, or am saying you shouldn't. But I am not going to sign it.

Thanks for liking it so much!