Laurie Schleck

December 26, 2011

Post #2775 – 20111226

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,
We happened upon The Blue Moose at our local library book swap. My daughters adore it. We wished there were sequels. We have found your website and can’t wait to read more of your work. The Blue Moose has really inspired my younger daughter. Instead of reading a book together at night, we make up our own sequels to The Blue Moose. They have gone on vacation to Florida, helped sick people in a hospital, and served all the elderly town folk who didn’t have family on Christmas day, all involving soup of course. Looking forward to more great reading. Thank you for helping my kids love books.


Daniel replies:

There are sequels! Return of the Moose, and The Moosepire. Some editions have all the moose stories published together. And there was a moose opera, but it is not available on media. And there was a Blue Moose radio play that might possibly be in some NPR archive.