Kathryn Moore

December 4, 2011

Post #2769 – 20111204

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

I have a memory of hearing you speak of a children’s book with excellent illustrations of animals in the shape of numbers. I believe it was on NPR but it has been a while. I have searched & searched for a reference to this book (I failed to write down the title/author at the time). I would love to get this book for my little grandson but first, of course, I would need to know the title.

Any help that you are able to provide will be greatly appreciated!

Best to you & yours,
Ms. Kathryn Moore

Daniel replies:

Are you sure it was me and not some other boring bozo on NPR? It doesn't sound familiar. There was a good book with penguins a few years back, but I've forgotten the title.