November 29, 2011

Post #2766 – 20111129

Well, I have recently became familiar with your writings. After buying a box of childrens books I found a 1976 copy of “Lizard Music” in it. Quite an interesting read. Our daughter,6 at the time some what enjoyed it. Not enough pictures for her. I enjoyed it more,though can’t seem to find those late night videos. Although she does like the way you drew yourself as a lizard and the food dish with “Daniel” on it. Anywho, after googling 1st edition Lizard Music, many great reviews by the way,I found an unsigned copy for sale. What came to be surprising was the thousand dollar price tag on it. What would that make a signed 1st edition worth? Am looking forward to reading more of your books. I’ll check the local library. Which one would you recommend for a seven year old? Or for an overgrown kid for that matter? If they don’t have anything of yours, I guess they will have to be pressured into purchasing a book or two if their budget will allow it. Especially since “Lizard Music” has been rereleased.


Daniel replies:

I might like to be someone discovering my books for the first time...starting with Lizard Music. I'd be interested to know if anyone ever bought one of those thousand dollar first editions.