Oliver Hsu

November 14, 2011

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Dear Daniel Pinkwater,

We have read a lot of your books but we have not read all of them yet. We think the books that we have read are really good. When we were reading Hoboken Chicken Emergency we became really excited when we read about Dr. Hsu because our last name is Hsu. We finished the book and we really liked it.

We also like the Irving and Muktuk books, the Wuggie Norple Story and the Phantom Lunch Wagon. Thanks for writing such great books.

Oliver Hsu (5 years old)

Daniel replies:

Thanks to YOU! Without good readers like you there would be no point in writing books. I am glad you liked the ones you have read so far. Did anyone ever mention to you the old saying ""If the Hsu fits, wear it?""