Jocelyn Schramer

October 2, 2011

Post #2744 – 20111002

Hello Sir Daniel of Pinkwater,
My name is Jocelyn. You may remember me from years old appearances in this forum, such as my past-self’s message regarding the usage of my invented word, “TONICAL,” as well as one regarding a project for my seventh grade French class. If you don’t remember me, then I don’t really mind. I know several other people who remember me; my remembrance requirement is quite fulfilled.

Yeah, so before I left for college this summer I reread Alan Mendelsohn, and Avacado of Death. All I can say is … WOAH NOSTALGIA. Your books are still hilarious reads. No one, except perhaps my fellow siblings who also grew up reading them, understands the the true beauty of your bizarre texts. Thank you for existing.

Alright that about wraps things up for now. I got to go write a speech about aliens then learn how to draw all the shoes. All of them.

Daniel replies:

Thank YOU for existing! What good is it, being a super-author and creative genius without equally super genius readers to make use of one's product? Good luck at college to your present and future-selves.