September 27, 2011

Post #2741 – 20110927

Hi, my name is Jack and I am a 3rd grader.
My class is doing an “author talk” and I chose you as my author.I chose you because I have read 4 of your hilarious books, and I think that I will go on to read more.I also chose you because I think my classmates should know how funny you are.An author talk is when a kid picks an author, studies the author, and tells the class about the author.Do you have any advice for me as an author?


Daniel replies:

Hi, Jack. I assume you mean advice about being an author, in case you or anyone else would like to be one. OK, I can give you some advice. Read a lot, and read what you like. Write a lot, if you like writing. Listen politely to advice and opinions others may give you, but don't take it too seriously. Yours is the only opinion that matters. It is very nice when people read what you have written, and enjoy it--but that is secondary. First, you should write to please yourself. Many writers claim that writing is hard work. I do not know what they are talking about. Dragging rocks around, or cutting down big trees is hard work. Writing is fun.
Thanks for your intelligent, and well-written e-note. I hope the author talk goes well.

Daniel Pinkwater