Ezra Sherman

September 20, 2011

Post #2738 – 20110920

You’re at the top of my list of favorite authors, just above James Joyce. I just finished reading Cat Whiskered Girl and, as a Vassar alum, was thrilled that so much of it took place in Poughkeepsie, City of Mystery, and featured a professor and student from my alma mater. Will we be seeing more of Poughkeepsie and perhaps Vassar in the future?

I wish I had known that you lived in the Hudson Valley when I was a student there, I would have convinced you that I would be a great friend even though I was below the weight requirement.

I used to have a copy of Young Adult Novel that went on considerably longer than the version included in 5 Novels. What happened to the rest of the book and why is it optional?

Neeble neeble.

Daniel replies:

Just above James Joyce is precisely where I rank myself. I do not weight-rate my friends. You are thinking of the Tor Books bindup of the original and sufficient Young Adult Novel, and a couple of sequels of lesser quality the editor squeezed out of me. (Well, Dead End Dada is sort of amusing). Poughkeepsie's urban charms continue to be a well-kept secret.