August 2, 2011

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Hoping to improve the English of my 10 y.o. non-native speaker, I got my hands on Hoboken Chicken (safe for us vegetarians), Mush, A Dog from Space, Wuggie N., Neddiad and Iggysy. More suitable to have called them Negyssy and Iggiad, in our opinion, but it’s all Greek to us. Both of us were intrigued by Melvin/Sheldon, and the idea that he’s appearing in multiple… copies… in bookstores across the continental US, though he probably prefers holing up at the Zamenhof. My grandfather Yechiel moved to the US from the Ukraine and Anglicized to Yisroel, then Israel, and finally, to the most Native American of all: Irving. No one ever suspected, despite his accent, that he could have been a Sheldon or a Melvin, and that he would only eat a chicken he shecthed with his own hands, while standing under a totem named Ashera. Daniel Pinkwater, you are our Yiddishe Shaman, and we are your Hoopie Groupies.

Daniel replies:

I suggest you deepen your confusion by getting hold of a copy of Beautiful Yetta, the Yiddish Chicken. Also vegetarian-approved.