Marilyn Stewart

July 30, 2011

Post #2725 – 20110730

When my son was small we happily tripped upon The Big Orange Splot. It was his favorite book and as a result, thirty years later I can still recite most of the book from memory. When he applied to MIT one of the questions asked was ‘what book has been most influencial in your life?’ and Orange Splot was the book he put down. He was accepted, met his wife there (also a Big Orange Splot reader), graduated, and now have a future BOS fan named Eleanor. How I wish it was availble in hardcover!
Thank-you for enriching our lives with your words.
Marilyn Stewart

Daniel replies:

Recording angel: Please take note of post above.

Thanks so much for relating the inter-generational news. As for me, I am delighted the book is still available in paperback.