Bert VanDercar

May 9, 2011

Post #2709 – 20110509

Dear Mr.Pinkwater,

It has been my pleasure to read twenty of your books to my older children over the years–girls now having attained the ages of 17 and 13 and who now do all their reading on their own–and it is now my privilege to begin re-reading them to my son who is now nine. We just finished Borgel and Mason wants to thank you for your fine writing and to tell you he really enjoyed the story about Borgel’s first pet, Lance the peach pit. I too am more than delighted to take these wonderful journeys again. I remain honestly verklempt and awed each time I read the character Melvin’s description of what it is like to see the Great Popsicle. If you don’t know something pretty profound about life you do a good job of faking it. Take care, and all the best from Idaho!

Daniel replies:

I'm faking it. Thanks.