Mark A. Richman

April 21, 2011

Post #2706 – 20110421

All Pinkwater readers, fans and salami

salesmen know how Daniel spent his

formative years attending grammar school

in Chicago and visiting the nearby

penny-candy store known as ‘the gyp joint’.

The only child of the proprietors

of Richman School Supply on Broadway

near Nettlehorst Grammar school (1939-1969)

Fred Richman has passed away.

99 days short of his 96th birthday.

I know that hundreds of indiviuals

living across the world today still

fondly remember their moments spent on

Broadway, to and from school, and their

visits to ‘the gyp joint’.

I have talked with people who try to

describe the actual feel inside that

penny-candy store to their own young children;

as a time long past in Americana culture.

So, as we bid a farewell to Fred Richman

let us maintain a strong sentimental and

emotional tie to the childhood that formed

us as good adults.

As I have said before, if anyone has

mementos of memory, photographs and/or other?

of ‘the gyp joint’ please respond,

and Daniel can reach me through my e mail.

Thank you.

Daniel replies:

99 days short of the 96th birthday is excellent! Not show-offish, but substantial. Who would not be pleased with a similar check-out date? Good luck, and bon voyage to Fred, who played his role in the neighborhood where generations of Nettelhorsters learned about the small sweet things of life.