Tracy H

April 8, 2011

Post #2701 – 20110408

Dear Daniel,

In the late ’80s, I heard a radio essay of yours on NPR in the Bay Area. It was two decades ago, and I still remember how hard I laughed.

It was about your adventures as a high school art class, I think – I remember your saying that your sculpture was so utterly terrible there was nothing left for the teacher to do but destroy the artwork and then kill you. Okay, see, I’m squirting laugh-tears all over the insides of my glasses already.

Can you help me identify this great story? Thanks!


Daniel replies:

It's highly complimentary of course, that you remember a commentary from 20 years ago--but it also is an example of the phenomenal retention people have of things heard on radio. It's fairly common for someone to say, ""I heard this piece you did last week""--though I stopped bothering to send things in to that particular program three or four years back--and then quote verbatim something that was aired years ago.

I'm pretty sure the piece you mention can be found in Hoboken Fish and Chicago Whistle, available from or