Mark Richman

March 29, 2011

Post #2699 – 20110329

You ask

‘what do you have to say for yourself?’

For myself,nothing.

But, for others,


probably living and breathing

and drink the Pink Water…

I want to say that

the only child of the

proprietors of The Gyp Joint,

just north

of Nettlehurst Grammar school

on Broadway in Chicago

is still living and yelling and

nearing 96 years old.

Perhaps the door-to-door

salami salesman could answer

any of his personal rememberances

of the early 1960’s

of any and all visual and/or oral

anedotes from the block that began

with the Penny Candy store

sharing the entry with Joes’ Hot Dogs

and ending ,

past the Screwdriver Club,

at the corner Deli…ah, ya know…

I do not recall the name?

Does anyone else have

any memories of the time

they would like to shed?

Just remember,

whatever you write Daniel owns!

Daniel replies:

So true, that last line. Would that others understood--it would save so much unnecessary unpleasantness. Is it possible, o geriatric Nettelhorstian, that you are the last repository of historical detail about that important block in old Chicago? The Smithsonian, or possibly the Hot Dog Institute ought to dispatch a trained interlocutor with videocam to collect the emmis for the benefit of posterity.