Spectrum Mom

March 9, 2011

Post #2693 – 20110309

My sons and I love Larry, and your recommendation for Toestomper brought another great book into our lives. But my ten year old has autism and it’s become difficult to find

books that connect with him. He loves word play and

connects more with illustrated books (so long as the pictures

match the text).

I love the Neddiad, but I know he’s not ready for it yet.

Which of your books do you think would be a good fit?

And do you have any thoughts on reading and autism

that I could repost in autismreads.com?

Do you know if you have any other fans with autism

and which books they like?

Thanks, please keep writing forever.

Daniel replies:

I do have fans with autism and many with asperger's--but I really can't say what books of mine are specially suited to them--they have various tastes and preferences like any readers. A visit to the library, perhaps?