Dennis Jacquette

February 16, 2011

Post #2686 – 20110216

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

I recently received an email from a 4th grade teacher whose students are reading your book Once Upon A Blue Moose. She was inquiring about a recipe for Apple Jacquette which is mentioned in the book. She wants to make it with her class. She contacted me because I own a bakery outside of Philadelphia,PA, and she thought I might be familiar with this dessert. Unfortunately, I am not. Is there such a dessert? Would you know where I might be able to get it, so I could forward it to her . And probably try it for myself also. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

Daniel replies:

I remember being served something referred to as apple jacquette in 1970 or thereabouts, also that it was pretty good, and that is how it came to be mentioned in Blue Moose...but I don't remember exactly what it was like. It had apple. It had a pastry component, maybe similar to strudel, maybe not. It might have had cream, or possibly some variety of pot cheese. I wouldn't be surprised if it had some cinnamon. It could have been a little like apple crisp. I did a quick google, as you probably did too, and found nothing. I think given your name you'd be within your rights to invent apple jacquette. There are only so many logical things to do with apple and pastry--and they all work! Maybe a few raspberries?