Carli Merkel

February 8, 2011

Post #2684 – 20110208

Hello Mr. Pinkwater,

I am an Elementary Education student at MSU-Northern in Great Falls, and we have the opportunity to take a wonderful class titled “Adolescent Reader”. Our instructor asked us to read “The Neddiad”, which all of us found entertaining. However, each of us felt differently about the ending. Personally, I was fine with the ending and not know “exactly” what happened, but I do have one question. Did Neddie actually turn into the turtle at the end? This is the impression I got, but other people seem to feel differently. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I’m now hooked on your adolescent books and hope to use them in my classroom!

Daniel replies:

I would never take the liberty of telling a reader what to think. It's a book. You read it, you formed your own impressions. So did the others. You are right. They are right. The book isn't finished until someone reads it.