Larry White

December 9, 2010

Post #2668 – 20101209

Wow, thanks for your generous reply, Daniel. I consider myself very lucky to have heard Watson read Lizard Music at a time when I was no longer listening as much. I had moved to Westchester County in July 1959 and gotten hooked on Skip Weshner’s program on the old WBAI, so experienced some let-down at first when it became a Pacifica station within a year, but soon found plenty to keep me from terminal boredom (besides Jean Shepherd, Les Davis, Paul Krassner, and a few others whose names I forget). New York had a lot more stations to choose from than DC did, of course, including WNCN. Thanks also for the words of wisdom on pet departures. My old dog is on the borderline, I guess–she’s largely incontinent and has difficulty walking, but still enjoys eating and cuddling as much as I do. Hoping for a while longer. Meanwhile it’s looking like a Neddiad Christmas for some friends of mine.

Daniel replies:

I hope you'll consider taking in another dog when your present one finishes up her assignment. I was deeply sad when Lulu, my great friend for 13 years, died, but I went right out and found a rescued dog who had seen some rough times and needed a good home--that was a year ago. She's in fine condition now, and in her own way is as much of a pal as Lulu.