Tony Troianello

December 2, 2010

Post #2663 – 20101202

Hello Daniel,

I believe that Scott Simon and yourself would both be interested in how much further children’s stories can be carried across time and space to bring families and friends together. Imagine a soldier in Afghanistan reading a story to his or her children and those children seeing Dad or Mom actually on the page reading the story to them. And the children can dial it up and see it anytime, anywhere, over and over again! After school, on a laptop at bedtime, whenever one longs for mommy’s or daddy’s personal contact. Or aunts and uncles from across the country or across the world supporting a child in hospital for surgery.

The process is a bit complicated to describe here but I’m sure you will be moved if you tune into (that’s Be There Bedtime Stories, a startup company developed by videographer Alison Sansone because she missed her nieces who live far away.) Alison has over a hundred stories and five publishers in her library so far. I’m sure you will be moved by the concept and the examples shown there. And, if you are so inclined…I’m sure Alison would very much like your impressions that you can leave at the site. And a word of encouragement would help as well.

By the way, I do so much enjoy your sessions with Scott Simon. I have no young children, but even at 71 years old, I love to hear good entertaining children’s stories.

Best regards,


Daniel replies:

Sounds like a good idea. Why is it a company?