Doug Vernon

November 26, 2010

Post #2660 – 20101126

Hi, Daniel

I wanted first to say that I loved reading Alan Mendelsohn, back in the 80’s. It was recommended to me by one of the librarians at my Junior High. (Not Bat Masterson, sadly) Recently, I bought a used copy off of Amazon because it was a hard-cover and had the cool watercolor art on the cover. Anyway, I digress.. I felt that the story was kind of a cliffhanger.. in a way. Maybe it’s just because the last few chapters went so fast.. like a good movie. Have you had any offers to turn it into a screenplay? With today’s technology, it would be pretty awesome to see the book come to life on screen.

Incidentally, I must also put up my request to see some kind of ‘sequel’ to the Adventures of Alan and Leonard.

I bought one of those nifty NOOK readers from B&N today and noticed a few of your works are available for purchase/download to the device. Sadly, I did not see ‘Alan’ or ‘Fat Men from Space’ (another of my personal favorites). Any chance you’d be offended if I transcribed them, word for word, in a PDF document to put in my Nook?

I always wanted to write a sequel to ‘Alan’.. maybe even a prequel more about Alan himself. We have a pretty good idea of Leonard’s personality, but not so much of Alan’s. I had entertained many times over the years from then until now actually writing one or the other myself, but.. I guess I kind of suck at writing.

Anyway, I wanted to get a copy for my nook so I could carry Alan and Leonard wherever I go and check in on them from time to time… make sure Manny, Moe and Jack are kept in check. You know.. they always came to my mind while reading as the three guys from Pep-Boys.. weird, huh?

Daniel replies:

Have you, by any chance, read any of my more recent novels? I'm thinking you might like The Neddiad. And there are the collections, 5 Novels, and 4 Fantastic novels. The father of one of my high school teachers used to read the same Zane Grey western novel over and over. He said, ""When you find a book you like, stick with it."" I don't agree. I didn't know any of my titles had been Nooked--I will ask my agent if we gave permission.