Heidi Borgel Urbanski

November 5, 2010

Post #2651 – 20101105

Where can I get a copy of Escape to Dwerg Mounain? The local Dwerg library? The Dwerg Shop and Save? My child is reading your series backwards (Whatever. I’m just glad she is reading) and I need this book. Please.

Heidi Borgel Urbanski

ps- I bought Borgel for my Dad for Christmas last year…..For the obvious reasons…..

Daniel replies:

Well, you see...um...I'm still writing it. That is, I'm writing the book that was supposed to be it, only it turned into something completely else. This happens. I'm supposed to hand it in come February--so figure roughly a year before it's published, (though it may turn up serialized online at this site before that). Your child may have moved on to Dostoevsky before then.