Charles Bricker

September 10, 2010

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Have you ever considered writing a diet book? I read After-Life Diet which I found in a used bookstore. Great stuff. I am 12 5’3″ 185 pounds. I have want to lose but simply do not seem to.

Also if you would run for president my parents say they will vote for you.

Walk Good my man


Daniel replies:

I have considered writing a diet book, but I can't for the following reasons: Diets don't work, so I would be perpetrating a fraud. Also I don't want to be lumped in with all the frauds, conscious and unconscious, who write those books. However you express a desire to lose weight, and I have an idea how it might be done, so I will write the diet book right here and now:

The Un-Diet Book


Daniel Pinkwater

Chapter One

Diets never work, because a diet is something you go on. Later you go off. Also diets are always about taking away things you like, and who wants that? So don't go on a diet.

Chapter Two

So what can you do if you want to take off weight? Well, not a diet, obviously. If you are not on a diet, you can eat whatever you want. If you want to lose weight, instead of taking things away....add things! Here are things you can add: big salads, fresh vegetables, home-made vegetable soup, cooked vegetable dishes. Eat LOTS of these. For example, one year we started making a big pot of vegetable soup every week. It had no less than 12 or 15 different fresh veggies in it, and I had a bowl of it at the beginning of lunch and also supper, and often as a snack, and sometimes for breakfast. I lost about 100 pounds. See, the veggies are great nutrition, and if you fill up on soup you will not want the second pork chop, so you will lose weight. If you want a slice of cake, go ahead--you're not on a diet and can eat anything you want--but remember if you do that very often you won't lose weight. Which is ok too. It's your choice.

Chapter Three

But I hate vegetables. No, you only think you do. If you eat tons of them for a couple of weeks you will be surprised to find that you start to love them, and love the way they make you feel. You may start to feel like being more active, because of the superior nutrition you're getting, and that is said to be good for you too.

The End

Short book, isn't it? Tell your parents it is too late for me to run for President. I should have been President the time before this. I knew what to do, and he didn't.