Judy Bowser

September 1, 2010

Post #2629 – 20100901

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

I am reading Fat Men From Space to my Sixth grade class. It is one of our beginning riruals to introduce students to the joy of reading. We love your book and look forward to reading many more. Thank you for being such a good and imaginative writer.

Warmest regards,

Judy Bowser

Sixth grade teacher

Daniel replies:

Thank you for being such an inventive and tasteful teacher. Did you know there is a sequel (of a sort) to Fat Men from Space? Slaves of Spiegel, (which is the third of the Magic Moscow trilogy, The Magic Moscow, and Attila the Pun being the first two), has the Spiegellian space pirates make a return. All are of similar length and mindlessness.