Yetta Goodman

June 1, 2010

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I was just sent a copy of your Beatiful Yetta and loved reading the Yiddish, Spanish and English to my husband. I covered up the transliteration to see of I could read the Yiddish without looking at the transliteration.

Did you know that there were Yiddish chicken farmers in Petaluma California? I bet their chickens spoken a zayer guten Yiddish.

I’ll be sharing this book with teachers and kids and family members far and wide. I may even have the opportunity to read it at the United Kingdom Literacy Conference in July and I’ll be sharing it with teachers at Hofstra University in June….

There are a few other books with Yetta in the title. I don’t know many Yetta’s any more. My grandmother’s name was Anglisized to Yetta from Yenta. My family called me Yenta Tilabenda for most of my growing up years.

Thanks for this opportunity. All the best. Keep writing for children and others. Un zei gezuntT

Yetta Goodman

Daniel replies:

A SHAYNEM DANK! There's something about that book! It appears to make people happy. It can't be the story--there hardly is one--but when Jill undertook to do the drawings she asked the editor, and she asked me, ""How do you think I should draw Yetta?"" We both said the same thing, ""Make her beautiful and lovable."" Or maybe it's the name. Do people smile when they see you?