Julia Johansen

May 2, 2010

Post #2602 – 20100502

Dear Mr Pinkwater, I recently purchased a Kindle and was sad to see that the only book available by you in the Kindle format is Once Upon a Blue Moose. Will you be releasing any other books for the Kindle? I’d love to purchase them!

On another note, I fell in love with Lizard Music and Alan Mendelsohn when I was in middle school. I checked out the original 76/79 publications so many times that I formed a very strong tactile association with those books. So when I decided to buy them, I searched rare book dealers and found the exact binding/editions that I used to read. I am happy to say that I took these with me when I went into the Peace Corps and I brought them with me to Korea.

Now if I could only get them in electronic form legally I would be a very very happy woman.


Daniel replies:

I do not care about Kindle one way or the other, and I didn't know that even one book of mine is available on it, possibly legally. If you want my books electronically, many of them can be had here on this website in audio form, (free!), and current, to-be-published, books have been serialized here for several years. If you want a facsimile of the original Lizard Music, it will be published next year by New York Review Children's Book Collection--inclusion in which I regard as the highest possible honor.