Brian Fox

April 19, 2010

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Daniel, I have been showing my students the movie Fat. It has hopefully taught them something, I hope! I would like the opportunity to discuss some work and issues about overweight kids in Physical Education class. I have been teaching health and PE for 11 years. I feel there is a need to enlighten people about the struggles that many kids have in this area. I hope to hear from you soon.

Brian Fox

Daniel replies:

What movie, Fat, are you talking about? Am I supposed to know about it? All I have to say about issues of ""overweight"" is it is a trivial matter, and doesn't bear thinking about. This is not to say that people ought not to eat a healthy diet and take part in appropriate exercise--but since statistically, there is practically no chance for people currently fat to become not-fat, and almost all of the medical ""advances"" offering weight-loss so far have done harm and none have done any good, there doesn't seem to me to be any point worrying about it. People of any size or shape can benefit from avoiding things like sugar, white flour and fat in their diet, eating plenty of fresh veggies, and moving their bodies around--and if one does these things one will be happier, smarter, and good-looking. If I taught health and PE, I would teach the kids to make great salads and vegetable soups, and get them to hate bottled soft drinks. I would also give credit for things like strolling, walking, and ping-pong.