Jeannine Moran

April 14, 2010

Post #2595 – 20100414

Dearest Daniel Pinkwater,

My children and I listened over and over again to your cassette recordings of dog stories, hot chilies in Africa, the way your guide could tell a “daft” joke, the pet psychic, becoming a painter/writer by watching a tree. I cannot find those recordings on CD; I miss them. Please, Please, Please release those precious stories on CD or add them to your archive (have I missed them?…although CDs are best – you do deserve compensation). Your devoted, Jeannine Moran

Daniel replies:

You seem to think it is I, the author/reader-aloud, who releases things on CDs. It is not so. There are publishers. Publishers are commercial enterprises, and (shudder) corporations. Try to get one of those to do something useful or appropriate. However....I have good news for you. If you would care to review the archived podcasts on this very website, many of the pieces you mention are there. You can put them on your very own CD, with my blessing.