February 16, 2010

Post #2585 – 20100216

Hello Mr. Pinkwater,

Do you remember Stephen (Steve) Leonard?

He and my older brother grew up together and I remember your books were the topics of many of their conversations. If I’m remembering correctly, you and Steve had some great correspondence. One in particular that I remember was when Steve suggested possibly exchanging letters on tape. Your response was on a sheet of paper (or two) with brown paper tape placed horizontally on which you wrote your letter. He was talking about that for quite some time.

Also, and if I’m remembering correctly, did he create and give you some kind of writer’s award? Did you put a gold seal indicating such on one of your books? For some reason a gold seal with a wedge of cheese on it is coming to mind but I can’t remember specifically which book it was on or what it was calld…if you have a memory of that and could remind me, I would appreciate it.

Thank you for your time and your books.

Daniel replies:

Oh sure, the Leonard Award for Literature. Steve made a foil sticker like they put on books that win the Newbery Prize, (only with the wedge of cheese), and the editor, to whom I sent it, actually had identical stickers made up and put them on my next published book. This turned out to be the only literary honor I ever received--unless you count the honor of having the sort of creative and superior readers I have to this day.