Chris Gulick

January 28, 2010

Post #2579 – 20100128

Hi DP –

I recall one of your stories (some years ago)on ATC about an aspiring sculptor whose final exam was to split a large block of granite. Despite trusting what she had been taught and knew, she did what she was told by the teacher – and failed. The final heuristic lesson from her teacher was to “know what you know.”

If that was one of your stories, do you know where I can hear that again? If not, I highly recommend it as a good story.

Thanks, Chris

Daniel replies:

That is sort of how it goes, only the sculpture apprentice was me, and it was a block of limestone, and it was not like a studio course and final exam, but one of the daily tortures devised by my kindly old master. Such things made me what I am today. Oy.