Tanya Bartel

October 12, 2009

Post #2545 – 20091012

I just finished reading The Neddiad out loud to my 7-year old son and 10-year old daughter. The book was selected by my daughter’s junior girl scout troop for their book cub. The 18 girls in the troop will be meeting this Friday to discuss the book and their impressions of it. We loved the book and have just started reading The Ygyssey.

I somehow stumbled upon your books in a strange fashion. I heard about them by reading a review of one of Kevin Brockmeier’s children’s books on Amazon.com. I read his books Grooves and City of Names out loud to my children. Grooves is still in print but I had to order a used copy of City of Names because it is out of print. I was curious if you have read these books and have an impression of them. Kevin Brockmeier is well-know because of his adult book A Brief History of the Dead, but I’m not sure if his children’s books are as well know. My children and I thought that his children’s books were very entertaining and might be worth mentioning on your radio program.

We’ll let you know our impressions of the Ygyssey and hope to read The Adventures of the Cat Whiskered Girls on-line and in print form when it is published.

Thanks for the fun time you’ve given me with my kids.

Daniel replies:

Everyone stumbles on my books in a strange fashion. I didn't plan it this way, but I like it. I don't know the work of Kevin Brockmeier -- I'll be on the lookout. I'm glad you're enjoying my stuff.