October 1, 2009

Post #2542 – 20091001

I read your books the Yggyssey and the Neddiad in one day over the summer. Now that school has started I need to do an “Author Talk” and I picked you as my author. I am having fun getting to know you better!

My question is how do you pronounce the “Yggyssey” and “Neddiad.” I want to make sure I say it right in my author talk.

PS. Is there anything special you want me to say about you in my author talk? I am in sixth grade. I like that the whale from Moby Dick is one of your favorite characters. I like Whales, too.


Daniel replies:

Hi, Lauren!

""ig-ah-see"" and ""ned-ee-yad"" Here is something you might want to include in your author talk: Writing is not hard. The whole trick is learning to write a good sentence. (What is a good sentence? I don't know, but I know one when I see one.) Once you get so you can write a good sentence, you can write paragraphs, whole pages, or a whole book, because those things are made up of sentences. That is all there is to it. You don't have to be smart or anything....look at me. I notice that your email is made up of good sentences, so you can be a writer if you feel like it.