Myrna Jackson

September 6, 2009

Post #2532 – 20090906

I am a retired teacher who now subs for K-3 classes. I have discovered your Irving and Muktuk books and like them for not only their amusing stories but their creative artwork. The classes are spellbound when I read the stories and discuss the pictures. Well I need more stories about those crazy bears. I was wondering if you have considered having the bears get a night job at that muffin factory. One bear could work in shipping and packing and the other could be working security. Of course they will be stealing muffins like crazy. They will be getting fatter but not be eating at the zoo. This would be of concern to the zookeeper. I am sure you could figure out a lot of problems for them and a creative way for them to get caught. If you do not like this idea that’s okay. But Please, Please come up with some more Bad Bear stories.

Daniel replies:

It's not coming up with the ideas, it's getting the publishers to publish them.