Jon F. Merz

July 11, 2009

Post #2514 – 20090711

Dear Mr. Pinkwater:

I read Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy From Mars many, many years back and it has always stayed with me as one of my most-beloved books. Unfortunately, my copy eventually grew so tattered that it somehow disappeared ages ago. However, today I found a copy of 5 Novels and to my incredible delight, saw the novel reprinted therein. I spent today strolling down memory lane as I once again visited with Leonard and Alan. The story is just as fun and utterly awesome as I remember it. And to my delight, I found I experienced that same emotional connection of not wanting to let go at the end that I’d had so long ago.

Thank you so much for writing such a great tale. And please add my vote to the others who hope that you will write a sequel to this fantastic story. It is utterly selfish of me to wish it, but I would treasure another adventure with Leonard and Alan.

Best Regards,

Jon F. Merz

Daniel replies:

Your preference is noted. Meanwhile, there have been a few novels since A. Mendelsohn, which, had you read them as a child, might have meant as much to you. You can still enjoy them, though they can never become childhood favorites for obvious reasons. Thanks for your kind words.