July 2, 2009

Post #2512 – 20090702

Hey yo Danny P,

Check it out man. So it’s like me and you, me and you right? And we’re checkin the scene for some fly honey dips, but the whole scene was a lie man!

Turns out, you were in a coma for the last forty years.

Turns out, the internet was never invented.

Turns out, nobody even gave a hoot.

So what did you do dude? It’s a bummer, I think I’m spending my vacation on the beach. Life is hard in your drag clothes, but it only gets harder. That’s what I tell em, but they never listen. Anyway, I gotta go soon.

But a real question for ya bro, real talk, when’s the new Snarkout Boys novel commin out man? It’s totally unrad how you left us hangin, kinda cold even. I was interested.

Now that Billy Mays is dead, do you plan about writing on death and stuff? Looking back, it seems like something you avoided, was that a conscious decision?

Alright, it’s all good though.


You Know Dude

Daniel replies:

Rabbi Goldfarb! It's incredible to hear from you, especially since you were already pretty old when you officiated at my bar-mitzvah! I am so honored you remember me, and I want you to know I have always followed your advice about staying away from you-know-what.