Judge Dredd

May 23, 2009

Post #2505 – 20090523

Chief Justice Pinkwater,

I regret to inform you that you are under arrest. Mega-City Municipal Code 213, “Writing another Snarkout Boys book”. How do you plea?

Also, I would like to suggest a movie that I think you might enjoy, ‘Let the Right One In’, a Swedish art flick and winner at the 2008 Tribeca. It has children. They are illegally adorable. Touching themes about alienation, love, and innocence. Vampirism. I think you will like it.

The other members of The Council would like to express their gratitude for your works as an author, and have agreed to allow a television in your cell at Aspen Penal Colony should you be convicted, so that you can watch the movie.

In the name of the law,

Judge Joseph Dredd

Daniel replies:

I suspect this message contains references to some aspect of pop-culture I missed as usual.